10 Important qualities to check before buying a TMT bar

10 important qualities to check before buying a TMT bar

1. Raw Materials

Selection of raw materials is the most important factor that determines the quality of a TMT bar. Steel is produced using high-quality raw materials by world-class suppliers of billets from virgin iron billets, like Vizag, SAIL, etc. Raw materials maintain consistency in quality.
2. Manufacturing Technique
Modern manufacturing process uses Thermo Mechanical treatment with advanced Hydromax water cooling system for the quenching process. This ensures greater flexibility and strength to the bars. Hence, when buying these bars, ask about the manufacturing process so that one gets the right bar for construction.

3. Chemical Composition

The quality of T.M.T bars produced entirely depends on the chemical purity and quality of the raw materials used to manufacture them. And the purity of the raw material used for manufacturing a T.M.T bar depends on the proportion and form of its constituent elements, namely, Sulphur, phosphorus, and manganese. Good T.M.T Bars would constantly test these factors and produce test certificates for the final product.

4. Corrosion Resistance

It is essential to check whether the TMT bars are corrosion-proof or not. Corrosion and rusting can create serious problems and ultimately hamper the quality of the construction. TMT bars are often exposed to moist conditions and hence, they need to have corrosion resistance properties.

5. Rib Structure

Performance of a concrete structure is relatively dependent on the rib style of the TMT bars and the steel-concrete bond for that particular structure. Two or more angular ribs, equally spread around the surface, are necessary to uphold the concrete bond and the tensile load of the structure at large.

6. Best Seismic Performance

Some of the main qualities that good TMT steel bars feature include ductility, elongation, workability, and strength. Ductility and elongation are two key properties of TMT bars, which retain the structural integrity in the event of a seismic activity by absorbing the shock without breaking.
TMT bars have a flexible core and a robust martensitic external surface. During any shock activity, the bar’s soft-core allows a slight tilting action, while the steel bar’s strong exterior brings the structure back to the original position. The elongation and ductility have a better adjustment to tensile stress, or inelastic strains, during seismic activities and their aftershocks.

7. Bending Ability

While constructing a building or a house it is needed to bend the bars for construction purpose. If the TMT steel bars are of supreme quality, they will not develop any crack because of bending. Hence, checking for flexibility is a must.
This is a very crucial factor that everyone should pay attention to while buying TMT steel bars for their structure.

8. Weldability

Low carbon content in TMT bars makes it easy for welding works. Excellent weldability in steel rebar requires no pre or post welding treatment and makes it easier for the construction workers.

9. Brand and Quality Standards Certification

This is another very important factor to consider while selecting the right steel bars. One should check BIS certification and its brand reputation. It is always advisable to go for reputed brands having the BIS and ISO certification. In other words, one should choose the reputed companies as they even have bars that conform to international standards.

10. Grading of TMT Steel Bars

Grade numbers are given to the TMT Steel Bars that are being sold in the Indian markets. Higher the grade, higher will be the strength of the steel bar. Numberings like Fe-550, Fe-500 etc are marked on the steel bars to help the buyers and sellers identify the quality of the bars.

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